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Want to learn how to incorporate proper breathing techniques into your core rehab or daily exercise? Wanting to heal your Diastasis Recti or improve your core strength?

Let me show you!

This course will not only show you how to apply proper breathing techniques Into your activities for your benefit, but it will educate you on HOW TO BREATHE, the anatomy & physiology behind breathing, various breathing techniques, and APPLYING these techniques to help improve your core strength, pelvic floor function, and overall wellness.

Breathing is the FOUNDATION of all movement and function.

Not seeing progress in core rehab?
Wanting a stronger core?
Not seeing any progress with healing your DR?
Not sure how to connect to your pelvic floor or deep core?
Having pelvic pain?

THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU! Once you are able to truly understand proper breathing techniques, you can better apply these foundational skills!

Happy Core Connection & Strengthening!!

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